Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So much more than just a iud gone wrong...

I have been debating for quite some time now on updating this blog mostly due to some negative responses I have been given. I chose to update and also address those few people who tell me to "move on"....and "it was only a medical device that went wrong".

But first just a quick update...The weekend before thanksgiving I had been hospitalized for lower abdominal/pelvic pain & bleeding from my bottom without a seen cause. I went to an urgent care when one of my doctor appointments was cancelled, ended up getting sent over to the hospital ER and then admitted and talked of a transfer to the university hospital. I remember very little of that stay but from what my husband told me I was in a considerable amount of pain & my husband had a very difficult time watching me in that pain. I eventually could tolerate the pain as a few days gone by and was sent home the Tuesday before thanksgiving.

Ask me what I think - I think the mirena iud has something to do with it - however that might be. I asked the surgeon from the hospital visit to refer me to the university hospital for outpatient care to look further into it. 1st available appointment isn't until March.

Another thing is I have been going to therapy and the 1 thing that has me crying each and every session...is the mirena and how my life was and still is affected. It took so much from me, and still to this day haunts me. I cannot read my blogs or watch my youtube video without crying. I have a lot of healing not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. For me this is so much more than an iud gone wrong...

I have shared my story so people get a raw 1st hand experience at what is possible from the mirena. I've gotten many uplifting responds as well as many other responses including some negative ones as well. My only response to those who aren't as respectful is, I share what has happened to me. It is raw, it is very explicit in content, if the reader chooses to stop reading because of the content, I respect that. This is meant for women who want to make an educational decision on birth control methods and use my story as a failed iud story in that decision. Every women needs to make their own decisions for themselves. I respect every woman's decision and hope to have some respect sharing such a personal experience, as this is not by any means easy to share such personal and actually quite embarrassing information.

To those who have sent me negative responses, my response...I am grieving. Not only the loss of my pregnancies, but my uterus (my hysterectomy), my health and my emotional wellbeing. No one would think to tell someone who lost a child, husband, parents (and so on) get over it and move on. So why is this any different? No one has the right to tell me to move on already, not even the makers of the Mirena (Bayer). Every person grieves differently and at different lengths of time. This whole ordeal has left me with a scar. The hurt and pain will (hopefully) get less and less as time goes on, but for now, it is an emotional battle I deal with everyday. I will never forget what I have all been through. I'm lucky enough to be alive & strong enough to stand up for myself and my story.

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always." - unknown author