Saturday, August 3, 2013

Life after hysterectomy

It's almost 4 weeks post hysterectomy. On 7/8/13 my life changed forever. I went into the hospital thinking it was going to be a little sad getting my uterus and cervix out, but overall an easy Outpatient surgery. From what I was told from my husband and Dr. Mehta, who is the DiVince robotic assisted surgon, is that the surgery itself went great. Dr. went to tell my husband I was out of surgery and while doing that the anesthesiologist was waking me up and my body went into seizure-like shock. Dr got word and before my husband could sit back down the Dr called him back and let him know what had happened. I had 4 more of these seizure-like spells and I was taken to ICU to be monitored.  My husband was informed I was in ICU and then joined me. I remember nothing of my time spent in the ICU. My husband said I had a EEG and an MRI where it was determined I did not have seizures, but rather this is how my body was dealing with pain, it literary went into shock. I continued to have seizure-like spells and I do know right before I had these spells I would feel an intense pain in my head and next thing I know I wake with a dull pain and a sense of time things not being right.

Dr. Mehta said it was good I had my uterus out because not only with my mirena issues I also had adenomyosis and endometriosis, of my uterus. Adenomyosis usually happens later in lifer after having a C-SECTION (a type of scar tissue-like abnormality in people who have had a c-section or a punctured uterus) No c-section for me, I had all my boys vaginally, the only thing that punctured my uterus was the MIRENA. So, yet another problem the mirena had given me. Also I should mention, I had neither of these conditions in my uterus prior to having the mirena.

It makes me sick to think that the mirena is still the recommended choice by Dr's for long term birth control. I am only 1 of the 1,000's of stories out there.